Dec 20, 2009

Web Comic Secret Santa 2009 Gifts

Below are the gift images/comics from Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange 2009.

Alice OtterGift Comic ThumbnailStation V3 by Tom Truszkowski
AntiBunny by Vinnie D.Gift Image ThumbnailSwiftriver by Patricia Lupien
Antisoshell by Ahmed FahimGift Comic ThumbnailBleh: In The Panels by Will Heffernan
Bleh: In The Panels by Will HeffernanGift Comic ThumbnailSargasso Soul by Jay Epps
Cantrip The Magic Rabbit by Phil GibsonGift Image ThumbnailForsaken Stars by Rob Lopez
Children of The Tiger by Melissa StoneGift Comic ThumbnailAntisoshell by Ahmed Fahim
Cocktail Hour by ScrapsGift Image ThumbnailOrbit by Johnny Lin
Counterfeit by Shane T.Gift Image ThumbnailGeode Corner by TRALLT
Forsaken Stars by Rob LopezGift Image ThumbnailThe Mansion of E by Robert Cook
Geode Corner by TRALLTGift Image ThumbnailGuttersnipe by Agouti-Rex
Guttersnipe by Agouti-Rex Gift Comic ThumbnailCounterfeit by Shane T.
Hazy Daisy Jam by HartchamberGift Comic ThumbnailMad-gic Science by Mad Scientist
IDGet by Kevin MagpocGift Image ThumbnailCocktail Hour by Scraps
Lusus Naturae by Jessica PerrieGift Comic ThumbnailIDGet by Kevin Magpoc
Mad-gic Science by Mad ScientistGift Image ThumbnailHazy Daisy Jam by Hartchamber
The Mansion of E by Robert CookGift Image ThumbnailChildren of The Tiger by Melissa Stone
Orbit by Johnny Lin Gift Comic ThumbnailCallous by Carlo Jose San Juan, MD
Sargasso Soul by Jay EppsGift Image ThumbnailSlash AFK by M. Neils
Slash AFK by M. NeilsGift Image Thumbnail
Gift Image Thumbnail
AntiBunny by Vinnie D.
Station V3 by Tom TruszkowskiGift Comic ThumbnailLusus Naturae by Jessica Perrie
Swiftriver by Patricia LupienGift Comic ThumbnailCantrip The Magic Rabbit by Phil Gibson

Please check back here in early November 2010 if you would like to participate in the 2010 exchange!