Be A Safety Net Elf

If you'd like the help out with the Exchange, but don't have a qualifying comic, or you have a qualifying comic but are pretty confident that you've got enough time on your hands to do more than one guest comic or bit of gift art, then why not become a Safety Net Elf?

Safety Net Elves are the incredibly helpful people who are there on standby just in case a participant can't get their gift in on time for whatever reason, ready to jump in, save the day and make sure that nobody goes home disappointed.

Registration for both full participants and Safety Net Elves is open from now until the 7th of December. If you want to sign up as a Safety Net Elf you need:

  • To be ready and willing to jump in and save the day should someone fall through.
  • Be capable of keeping secrets
  • Fill in the form below including your name, your comic's name and URL if you have one.
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    If you have any questions about being a Safety Net Elf then you can use the contact form for that too.