If you'd like to sign up as a participant in this year's exchange we'll need a few details from you. Please include the following in the little text box below:

- Your name: It doesn't have to be you real name, just whatever you want us to use in relation to your comic.
- Your email address
- The name of your comic
- The URL of your comic
- What age rating you'd give your comic
- The maximum rated comic you'd be happy doing an entry for

And that's it!
You'll receive an email back within the next 48 hours, hopefully sooner and your comic will be added to the little list on the side of the site.

Additional note: One person that I know of signed up using the form and the message didn't get through. As far as I'm aware this has only happened to one person, but if you don't hear back from me within three days that almost certainly means it's happened again, so please send me another message through the form, by email to wendy(at) or on twitter @webcomicsanta.

Reminder: Your comic must be active still and your archive must have at least 20 pages in order to enter. Exceptions can be made if your post very big pages once a month or something like that. Generally it's the rule though.
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