Q. What is a Secret Santa?
In a Secret Santa gift exchange, each participant gets one randomly assigned recipient. The gift-giver's identity remains secret until an assigned time when s/he presents the gift to the recipient. This is a popular gift-exchange method for large groups that wish to exchange gifts on a budget.

Q. What is a Web Comic Secret Santa?
The Web Comic Secret Santa, originally started by Liz Walsh of The Tao of Geek, is an exchange of comic gifts. Comic creators submit their comics to a list, and on a specific day, a random comic (not their own) is sent to them. Each artist must then produce a guest comic or a piece of fan art for the assigned comic.

Q. Sounds good. What are the requirements?
There is one big one: You must have a current comic. For further details, please read the rules.

Q. What do I have to do for it?
Once you receive your assigned recipient comic, you have to create at least one guest comic or piece of fan art for your assigned comic.

Q. Does the work I do have to be holiday-themed?
Not if you do not want it to be. This is meant for fun, so you are highly encouraged to "think outside the box."

Q. How do I get added to the Secret Santa database?
Use the sign-up form, providing all required information.

Q. How many comics can I submit for participation?
One comic per creator (or creative team), please.

Q. What rating should my gift be?
My advice is to create something that would be consistent with the assigned comic's rating or lower. For example, if you are given the comic, Squeaky Cleanliness, a 100% G-rated comic, then you would draw a G-rated gift, unless you know the artist does not mind getting fan art that is PG or higher.

If, on the other hand, you get the comic, Obscene Naked Killers, an R-rated comic, you can go the whole gamut: profanity, sex, violence, etc. If you are not comfortable doing R-rated stuff, though, then you can provide a G-or-PG-rated gift instead. I doubt anyone would turn down fan art just because it is too clean.

If in doubt, do a G-rated piece. It is simpler for all parties involved.

Q. I do not like (a certain type or style of comic). I only want to receive (another type or style of comic). Will you do this?
No, this goes against the entire spirit of the activity. Part of the fun is being exposed to different comics to which you normally might not see or try. If you like the comic, then you found something new to enjoy! If you dislike the comic, then you only are committed to do one piece of work for it... and then you never have to think of it again.

If you dislike certain art styles, then you do not have to work in those art styles. People enjoy seeing different interpretations of their characters. Fan art is fantastic for that.

If you prefer creating pages over strips, or strips over pages... well, now you know why I said you do a guest comic or fan art... it allows you that much more creative control over what you do.

Q. I do not qualify for the Secret Santa, but I would like to participate. Can I do this?
If you do not qualify, then you may not participate in the Secret Santa to receive a gift art or comic. However, you may sign up as a Safety Net Elf. If a participating creator does not receive a gift art or comic, then a Safety Net Elf shall be assigned to create the gift art or comic.

Of course, if you simply want to draw gift art or a comic for a comic, then you can do that anytime. Creators like receiving fan works!

Do you have a question that is not answered above? Please feel free to use the comment form to ask!