Nov 4, 2015

Registration is open!

Welcome to the 2015 Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange! Registration is now open!

What is the Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange?

The Web Comic Secret Santa is an exchange of comic gifts. Comic creators submit their comics to a list, and on a specific day, a random comic (not their own) is sent to them. Each artist must then produce a guest comic or a piece of fan art for the assigned comic.

You can register any time between now and the 4th of December, assignments will be handed out on the 7th of December and the deadline for submitting gifts will be the 19th of December.

How do I participate?

There's two ways to participate in the Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange. If you have a qualifying comic (currently active with an archive of at least 20 pages) you can sign up as a full participant or if you don't have a currently active comic that qualifies you can also sign up as a Safety Net Elf.

Check out the Rules and FAQ for more details.

Alternatively, you can use the comment form here if you have any questions.

Important Dates:

Friday, December 4: Final date to join.

Monday, December 7: Secret Santa assignments distributed to participants. Let the drawing begin!

Monday, December 14: The earliest you may reveal yourself as Secret Santa to your recipient.

Thursday, December 19: The deadline to reveal yourself as Secret Santa to your recipient.

Friday, December 20: Safety Net assignments distributed.