Aug 12, 2013

Seeking New Management

Hello, fellow web-comic lovers!

Do you enjoy the Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange? Would you like to run it yourself?

I have enjoyed running the WCSS Exchange for the past few years, but feel it is time for me to retire. However, I would prefer to not retire the WCSS Exchange, too. So, I need someone new to take over.


  1. You must be interested in the WCSS Exchange.
    Otherwise, you will not enjoy running it.

  2. You must have some decent organizational skills.
    Otherwise, you will find it difficult to run.

  3. You must have/create a BlogSpot account.
    Exception: If you want to host the WCSS Exchange elsewhere, then I shall happily provide a link from this site to yours.

Please Note

While you should be interested in the WCSS Exchange, you do not have to be a comic creator to run it!

I am willing to help you this year, if you feel you need help, but hope that you can fully take over all duties (or find other assistants) for the next year and following years.

An Alternative Idea

If you already run an inclusive comic Secret Santa exchange (that does not require being a member of a particular group, community, site, etc.) and would like that to carry the torch, then let me know and I can link this site to your exchange.

Contact Me

Are you ready to take control of the Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange? Then contact me!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in years past!