Oct 6, 2013

Under New Management

Hello. I'm Wendy. Nice to meet you. 

As you might have seen Sheryl, who was organising the exchange (and doing a great job of it I might add) decided it was time to call it a day and hand it over to someone new. And that someone new ended up being me.

Does that mean there are going to be changes around here? Well, sort of, but nothing to worry about. The wcss.deerme.net subdomain won't be working any more, so if you have any links that point to the site you'll have to change the domain to http://comicsecretsanta.blogspot.co.uk. There are probably a few dead links around here as a result, but I should have all of those cleaned up in the next day or two.

Other than that, we now have a Twitter account, so if you've been thinking to yourself "You know, I really don't have enough ways to keep up to date with the Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange", then that's for you.

Beyond that it's all business as usual, so just sit back, relax and keep an eye on your emails if you're a previous participant and that Twitter account if you're not and I'll let you all know when sign ups start.

Wendy Wood